American Muslims Joining ISIS in Iraq to Obtain ‘..Training in Jihad..’ Then Return to the States

sharia unveiled

Death to America

Muslim American extremists from coast to coast, including New York City, head overseas to train for jihad — and NYPD’s terror chief is concerned about when they come back.

by, Dan Friedman & Corky Siemaszko | New York Daily News

They’re the potential killers next door learning to become jihadists in a factory of terrorists whose ultimate target is New York City.

More than 100 young home-grown Muslims, including some from Gotham, are being trained to become an enemy within by Al Qaeda-inspired groups like ISIS operating in disintegrating Syria and Iraq, the NYPD’s terror chief estimated.

“I would be hyper-concerned about the people over there from New York City on the presumption they’re going to return to New York City,” John Miller, said Thursday.

Video courtesy of: Top Gun Military

Miller said he is just as worried about American jihadists from “Chicago, Minnesota, Portland, you name it.”

“If their…

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